6 Ways to Have Healthy Noodles for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

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Traditional ramen noodles are generally very healthy as a food type. However, modern culinary innovation (such as our very own immi ramen!) has allowed us to have even more healthy noodles. 

That said, after a while, you might wonder, there could only be so many ways to have noodles daily. If yes, then fear not. Here are 6 ways you can have healthy noodles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner without ever getting bored.

Eat Healthier Instant Noodles

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Instant noodles are a super convenient snack or meal and healthy noodles such as delicious immi ramen are the ideal way to turn instant noodles into a nutritious, complete meal. 

That is literally part of what we wanted to do through our brand! We wanted ramen that we could eat as much of as we wanted and not have to worry about adverse health effects. 

A healthier bowl of instant noodles will do three awesome things:

  • Deliver some important nutrition quickly and easily
  • Make meal prepping much more convenient
  • Let you enjoy ramen everyday without the guilt  

Plus, if you’re a college student or generally on a budget, you basically have the world-famous low-budget staple in a much healthier variety. 

Practical Tips

Look for ramen noodles that have greater nutritional value than regular brands. For example, immi ramen is both keto-friendly and has higher protein content compared to some of the top competitors in the market.

Stock up on some healthy instant ramen at the start of the month and plan out your daily meals accordingly. If you’re meal-prepping, use one packet of ramen for one meal portion, preferably in place of the carbs. 

In case you’re measuring your macros, you can add in the ideal amount of ramen in your daily diet to meet those requirements. 

Use Plant-Based Noodles

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Noodles that use animal products and starch are not as healthy for regular daily consumption as we think. 

Additionally, some instant noodle brands use eggs and other non-veg ingredients that take away the entire advantage of food without any animal products in it. 

Eating primarily plant-based noodles offers a guilt-free dining experience that you can get ready in minutes, and enjoy without having to worry about what you’re putting in your body. Plus, instant ramen almost always comes with a flavoring packet so that’s the taste covered.

Practical Tips

Look at the ingredients of an instant ramen pack and see if you can spot any animal products, and steer clear of brands that do have them.

If the packet says ‘plant based’ as immi ramen does, that’s a safe bet to stock up on. 

The best thing about plant based noodles is the aforementioned flavoring packet that covers the taste aspect. Also, a lot of these packets come in meaty flavors, like our very own Spicy ‘Beef’ immi ramen. If you absolutely need a meaty taste in your food, there’s your flavor taken care of!

Try Low-Carb Noodles

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Low-carb noodles are easier on the stomach and have a better nutrition profile than a lot of their standard counterparts. 

This is because eating high-carb foods regularly can cause your body to store more fat, and raise your blood sugar levels, both of which lead to weight gain (and its own effects). 

In addition to that, excess carbs in daily meals, coupled with the sodium from regular ramen can cause you to retain more water. This makes you look and feel bloated and sluggish after a big meal. Your skin will also be puffier due to the excess moisture retention. 

Low-carb, high-protein instant noodles such as immi ramen are the perfect alternative for the high-carb products that we see lining market shelves. 

Practical Tips

If you’re watching your carb intake, make sure to craft your diet plan around your main meals, including your low-carb ramen. 

For example, if you’re having some Tom Yum ‘Shrimp’ flavored immi ramen for lunch, you could adjust your macros accordingly for the rest of the meal(s). 

Alternatively, you could have the noodles as the low-carb portion of the meal, and either have mashed potatoes or your favorite side dish as the carbs. 

Use Relevant Meal Ingredients

relevant meal vegan ramen

Making ramen with the traditional breakfast, lunch, and dinner meal ingredients will make them taste natural for the time of day. 

This happens because of the mind’s ability to associate certain stimuli with situations, like how we naturally associate eggs and bacon with breakfast, or steak with dinner. Adding a ramen element to those traditional timely ingredients will make it seem part of the routine. 

For example, if you’re having salmon with rice or a burrito bowl for lunch, simply replace the rice with noodles and you’re good to go. This will add a different texture to the dishes which will make them seem different and fun, even though you’ve had those ingredients many times.

Practical Tips

Replace rice, pasta, and other starches with ramen noodles in your cooking for a pleasant change to the palette. You may have to adjust the cooking times according to the ideal duration for the noodles but it’s fairly easy to do. 

Simply cut the regular cooking time in half if you’re already putting the noodles in sauce or a broth, or cook them directly in the broth if your dish requires some. 

You could even try replacing chicken and fish with ramen noodles if you’re looking for a vegan option. They can even be a complete replacement for rice if you break them up into rice grain sizes before cooking. 

Cook in Comfort Food Recipes

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Just like with standard time-of-day ingredients, substituting healthy ramen noodles for pasta and rice in comfort food recipes will help you get a similar taste with a delicious twist. 

Ramen is and has always been comfort food, something that tastes familiar and welcome, no matter what else we eat during the day. It’s something we can have when we’re on a super-thin budget, and something that we can treat ourselves to at a fancy restaurant. 

You can translate the natural comfort that comes with noodles into almost all sit-down meals that involve carbs and starches. 

Practical Tips

Try dishes that have some kind of sauce in them, like a basic fettuccine alfredo or chicken pot pie with noodles. Both of these recipes (plus tons of others like them) are perfect for the current weather as well, which is always a plus with comfort food. 

You can also use noodles in beefy recipes to provide some of the great chewy noodle texture to compliment the beef. Here are some amazing beef ramen recipes that we cooked up, all of which incorporate noodles as a base ingredient. 

Regardless of the dish, make sure that it’s something that you’d like to cook when you’re not in the mood to explore different cuisines, and just want to settle down with something delicious and familiar. 

New Recipe Every Day

new recipe healthy noodles

Alright, now this may seem like a bit of a stretch but you can actually have different noodle dishes every day, if you just prepare a little beforehand. 

Asian cuisine has hundreds of noodle dishes. Many of them are regional variations of each other and local cooks sometimes put their own spin on things but essentially you’ll always find something new to make with noodles. 

The idea here is to have something new and fresh to eat every day and not get bored of eating noodles. 

Practical Tips

Start with less complex recipes and work your way up to more complicated ones. 

For example, if you’re making a simple shio ramen at the beginning, try pho or tonkotsu ramen about a week or two down the road, and so on. 

If you’re using delicious immi ramen  (which we’d recommend!), you can save the seasoning for other recipes that need flavoring.