surprisingly healthy Instant Ramen

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Ramen bowl
High Protein 31g
Low Net Carbs 9g
Plant-Based 100%

A new take on noodles

immi reinvents the delicious Asian American foods we love with added nutrition. We've started by enriching the comforting, umami rich, and nostalgic bowl of instant ramen. Our single goal: capture that same oh so satisfying ramen feeling with a makeover of better ingredients and crafted flavors for a more nutritious, and equally delicious bowl.

Our Story

"Ramen lovers just got a healthy option to slurp."


"The noodles are tender, the soup bases are flavorful, and the kits invite improvisation with toppings."

Sunset Magazone

"This startup wants to do the impossible: make healthy instant ramen."


Our Ramen

Black Garlic “Chicken”

Tom Yum “Shrimp”

Spicy “Beef”

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  immi Cup Noodles Maruchan Nongshim
Net Carbs 9g 40g 37g 34g
Protein 31g 6g 7g 6g
Sodium 850mg 1070mg 1190mg 1310mg
Plant-based YES NO NO NO

“I am beyond impressed with how immi was able to re-create something we all know and love, and make a healthier, tastier alternative. immi has earned a customer for life!”

Kristin P

Kristin P.

immi Customer (for life)

“I'm a healthy food junkie and immi ramen blew me away. immi is delicious and has amazing nutritionals.”

Justin Mares

Justin Mares

CEO, Kettle & Fire

"immi saves my day. It's quick and easy to make, and hits the sweet spot for a lunch that doesn't take forever and feels decadent. Bonus is that it's healthy enough that I don't feel like taking a nap afterwards."

Michelle Kagel

Michelle K.

immi Customer

“I never thought I would say healthy, delicious, and ramen in the same sentence. immi ramen is all of that and more.”

Bin Chen

Bin Chen

Co-Founder, Boba Guys

"As a mom looking for healthier alternatives to traditional ramen, immi is a great solution."

Kirsten Tobey

Kirsten Tobey

Mom & Co-Founder, Revolution Foods

"I've been doing low carb and had to cut out most carbs in my meals. It feels SO good to finally eat noodles anytime I want with immi."

Tiffany Zhong

Tiffany Zhong

immi Customer
Ramen for everybody Ramen for everybody Ramen for everybody Ramen for everybody ramen for everybody Ramen for everybody Ramen for everybody
Man eating ramen noodles
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