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  • Where do you ship?
  • What are your shipping options?
  • Do you offer expedited shipping?
  • When will my order arrive?


  • I need to make some changes to my order.
  • Can I edit or cancel an order after it’s placed?
  • How do I track my order?
  • Can I place a custom order?
  • I just want to order a single packet of immi.
  • Help, my package is lost, stolen, or damaged!
  • Do you have samples?
  • Do you have a refund policy?
  • What payment methods do you accept?


  • Is there a minimum timeline commitment for a subscription?
  • How do I cancel my subscription?
  • How do I update subscription billing information?
  • How do I update my subscription shipping address?
  • Can I add or change the products in my subscription?

Slurp Society

  • What is the Slurp Society?
  • How do I join the Slurp Society?
  • Do I need to have an account to access the Slurp Society?
  • Is the Slurp Society Fee a recurring charge?
  • How do I access my benefits?
  • How do I cancel my Slurp Society membership?
  • Can I request a refund for my Slurp Society membership?
  • My benefits aren’t working. Why?
  • Can I stack a discount code on top of my Slurp Society membership benefits?


  • How is it possible to have ramen without carbs?
  • What are net carbs?
  • Is immi worth the price?
  • Is immi keto-friendly?
  • How long does immi last?
  • Will a serving of immi keep me full?
  • What exactly are natural flavors?
  • Is immi ramen vegan-friendly?
  • Is immi ramen gluten or grain free?
  • Are there any allergens?

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