5 Recipe Tips for Awesome Vegan Ramen Noodles

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Whether you’re following the vegan lifestyle or if you’re just looking for a vegan alternative to a traditional meal, you can’t go wrong with vegan ramen noodles. They are as easy to make as they are delicious to eat, all while being guilt-free.

To give you some ideas on what to whip up in a hurry, here are 5 recipe tips you can use for any meal, with full tastebud satisfaction guaranteed!

Vegan Ramen Noodles Recipe Tips

Although there are countless ways to jazz up a vegan ramen meal (such as adding shredded shiitake mushrooms to Black Garlic ‘Chicken’ flavored immi ramen), we’ll talk about some of the simpler ways to create delicious vegan meals. 

Mushroom Stock and Lentil Noodles

mushroom lentil vegan ramen noodles

Lentils are already an established vegan staple and for good reason. They have tons of nutrients and are extremely versatile, to the point where you can fit them in anything, from soups to fried rice dishes, and of course ramen. 

Add to that some fragrant mushroom stock and you’ve got the perfect soup base for a delicious noodle meal. 

What this meal is, is ramen noodles that have been cooked in mushroom stock with lentils for added volume and texture.

To be honest, this recipe is just as good with beefy flavors as it is with chicken and seafood. All three have their merits so might as well try it with each flavor of immi ramen for a slightly different flavor development each time. 

How to make it

Take 8-10 cups of mushroom stock and boil the lentils in it till the sock is reasonably reduced and the lentils are tender. 

This is easier to do in advance, on low heat so that the stock doesn’t evaporate too quickly and the lentils have a chance to soften. 

Next, cook the noodles in the reduced stock till they’re at your preferred consistency, before serving. We’d actually recommend cooking them just a little longer than usual so that they absorb more of that super flavorful stock. 

Buffalo Tofu and Mushroom

buffalo vegan ramen noodles

Mushrooms make a second appearance on this list for two reasons. Number one, they’re great for deep frying and tossing in buffalo sauce and number two, they’ve got that delicious umami that makes everything tastier!

As for the tofu, that’s just a cheat for an easy meat replacement that’s both a major flavor-carry and can add some brilliant texture to the dish. 

When you put both ingredients together, you have a unique mixture of textures that feel and taste like boneless buffalo wings, only healthier!

This is the perfect dish to have with a spicier ramen flavor such as our Spicy ‘Beef’ flavored immi ramen. With our seasoning and the buffalo sauce, you don’t really need any other spices. You can even add a bit of cayenne pepper sauce with the buffalo if you’re feeling adventurous.

How to make it

Marinate the tofu in the buffalo sauce for up to 6 hours in advance. You can also do it overnight if you don’t mind the tofu even spicier with the bite. 

Boil the mushrooms in 6-8 cups of water for an hour, or until you feel that they have imparted their flavor completely. Once done, add the ramen to the same boiling water and cook according to package instructions

Take the noodles and mushrooms off the heat, add in the tofu and mix everything together. Pour some additional buffalo sauce on top if you wish.

Crushed Peanuts and Beans 

peanuts vegan ramen noodles

Beans have long been the vegan staple for when you need a meat substitute that’s both somewhat similar in taste and has some decent firmness of texture. Peanuts, on the other hand, add a delicious crunchy element that we all love in several Asian dishes. 

Adding a combo of peanuts and beans to ramen sounds strange, and we thought so too when we initially put the recipe to the test. 

All we can say is, don’t let the sound of the dish fool you, because this has all the elements of an awesome dish.

It’s got the crunch on the initial bite, the texture of the soft beans, the flavor from the ramen seasoning, and of course, the familiar chew of the delicious noodles. We’d recommend making this with our Black Garlic ‘Chicken’ flavored immi ramen.

How to make it

Let the beans soak overnight and then boil them in 10 cups of water until soft. At the same time, lightly toast the peanuts and set aside. 

Put the ramen with the seasoning in the bean water and cook according to package instructions. You can even take the noodles out and reduce the liquid even more if you want something saucier instead of soupy ramen.

Take off the heat, crush the peanuts and sprinkle over the ramen before serving. If you have some satay sauce, do pour some over since it goes really well with the crushed peanuts. 

Kimchi and Cran-Tempeh

kimchi vegan ramen noodles

This is a unique combination of tangy, spicy, sour, and sweet, all on a savory base of delicious noodles. 

As far as food combos go, this is one of the more unique recipes we’ve tried. However, we have to admit, it’s easily one of our favorite sweet-savory combos. 

It’s basically a kimchi ramen topped with tempeh that’s been marinated with a tangy cranberry sauce for a long time before serving. Tempeh is the perfect vessel for this since it’s drier than tofu and so absorbs a lot more flavor. 

The kimchi does a great job of providing the main sour kick as the cran-sauce is more subdued by the time you serve it. However, it doesn’t overpower everything, especially if you have spicier kimchi instead of a more sour one.

How to make it

Get 2-3 sticks of tempeh and marinate it in 3-4 tablespoons of molten cranberry sauce. If you can’t find the molten one, simply heat the sauce with a bit of water and stir to make it runnier. Add the tempeh to it and marinate for at least 6 hours. 

Make the noodles (we recommend the Tom Yum ‘Shrimp’ flavored immi ramen according to package instructions and add the kimchi during the final few minutes of cooking. Stir well before taking off the heat. 

Right before serving, take the tempeh out, chop it and toss it in the sauce, and top over the kimchi ramen. 

Vegan Crab and Miso Ramen

crab miso ramen noodles

This one requires a bit of shopping in the plant-based section of your local supermarket. Vegan crab ‘meat’ is becoming super popular among plant-based dieters since it’s an easy seafood replacement that still tastes great.

This particular dish uses vegan crab cakes as a topping for miso ramen that’s made with kombu dashi miso paste. 

The miso ramen is fairly traditional, in that you can use any recipe for classic miso ramen. However, make sure to use miso paste that’s made with kombu seaweed since the regular variety is not vegan. 

All in all, it’s a fairly simple recipe that’s perfect for a cozy dinner or a movie during a cold winter night!

How to make it

Here’s a recipe for simple homemade miso ramen. All you have to do is skip the meat or animal-based products and you’ll be good to go.

Once the recipe is done, simply top with the vegan crab cakes and enjoy.