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Fire Noodle Spring Rolls

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Fire Noodle Spring Rolls

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  • Author: Kevin Lee


  • 1 cooked immi Ramen noodles
  • ½ tbsp Buldak sauce
  • 2 spring roll rice paper
  • 2 slices American cheese
  • Neutral oil


  1. In a bowl, mix your cooked immi ramen noodles with Buldak sauce until well combined. Set aside.
  2. Soak spring roll rice paper in water for 10 seconds. Then, place the rice paper on a flat surface.
  3.  Place a slice of cheese, followed by half of the spicy ramen noodles. Then, fold the rice paper until you have a square shape.
  4. Pour enough oil to cover a large skillet. Heat the pan until the oil begins to shimmer over medium-low heat.
  5. Then, add your ramen spring rolls. Cook until both sides are golden brown. Top with furikake and enjoy!